About Us

Geckram Inc. started with a genetic pool of individuals having diverse personalities, interests, backgrounds, and talents. We started out as an open office set up where any individuals can work at their own time, focused to the most important things – Get the job done!

With the growing number of clients and projects, we decided to move the office to Makati Central Business District that provides the best possible office infrastructure and business location in the Philippines. And to this day, we have learned how to provide real value to our clients and manage all kind of tasks and projects in multicultural businesses. Each of us has our own field of expertise to accomplish tasks from the simplest to the more complicated. We have the right people with the right attitude for every job.

With years of experience in dealing with different nationalities and cultures requesting the oddest of jobs, we can guarantee our clients delivery of exceptional results.

Geckram Inc. knows no boundaries and excellence is the standard.